More About Marigold

We’re a team of healthy eating and cooking enthusiasts. We want people to get the best out of their food – fantastic taste, natural ingredients and ease of use so you can be as creative (or as lazy) as you like.

Marigold has worked hard to become the much-loved producer of a wide range of traditional bouillon products made with Swiss precision for over 40 years. During that time, we’ve introduced so many variations: organic, reduced salt, gluten and yeast free, to suit pretty much all types of diet and eating preferences. So, whether it’s an allergy, diet or just a phase you’re going through, we’ve got you covered. There’s always a bouillon that’s right for your cupboard.

More recently we added a few new products to the Marigold family. Latest inventions now include:

Our exclusive range of Vegan Engevita products (glorious golden flakes with a nutty, cheesy flavour)

Our Sunshine Soups that are supercharged with naturally grown Vitamin D, so you can get your daily dose even when the sun's not around.

This sets us - and you - up with an extensive range of products that can enhance any recipe. Have a look at our latest suggested recipes to get you started.